Demise of Salford Maternity Services

I am publishing this post on behalf of an NHS midwife working in Salford.

These are the papers for today’s meeting:

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Image from CMFT news bulletin, 2012 (picture does not include the author of this piece)

“Today I am feeling as low as I ever have in my 23 year career as a midwife and 31 years working in the NHS.  The Making It Better campaign to ‘improve’ maternity care and services by closing well established units in Bury and Salford, as it was sold, has actually got worse.  Today Salford CCG are meeting to discuss a report to stop antenatal services at Salford Royal.  That means no antenatal follow up for Salford women. No scans. No antenatal Day Unit for women who require monitoring in pregnancy. The date in the report is 31st March 2017 for antenatal services and September 2017 for the Birthing Unit at Salford Royal to close, resulting in women having  to travel further and incur increased costs associated with travelling to Bolton or St Mary’s.

That is if they have the  means to pay. I have worked with women who have chosen to feed their children or pay utility bills; to keep their children warm rather than travel out of the area, and this will only get worse. There is talk of a new freestanding maternity unit in Salford and antenatal services being located locally but no firm plans in place or identified locations and no firm funding in place!  The CCG in the report say they have engaged with the community and professionals but this is not the case. As a midwife working in Salford I can honestly say I have not been approached regarding closure of antenatal services.  I fear for the future of mothers and babies in Salford and firmly believe this is a further nail in the coffin for maternity services and care. If the community does not act this will sadly be replicated in other areas.

The dismantling of maternity services. 

Sad times for all with the ultimate impact being on women and babies. Salford CCG you should be ashamed!”

NHS midwife
25th January 2017


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