Pssst….. this is a secret so don’t mention it okay?

So in addition to all the various projects outlined on the front of my blog, I also have another little thing that I do, which came before all of that.  It was started in October 2011 when my eldest was 8 months old, and it’s a Facebook group for mums.

It’s like Fight Club.  The first rule of [name of group] is you don’t talk about [name of group]. Which makes this blog post feel very weird.  But I have had to reveal on Twitter at least the existence of the group to explain why I have so many opinions about maternity experiences, PND, breastfeeding support, health visiting and all the other favourite topics of 21st Century parents.

You see, although it started as a way to swap tips with 20 or so of my Mummy friends, it grew.  And grew.  People kept adding their friends.  And then they added their friends.  It got so big I had to add on a couple of deputy admins to help me to run it.

That was in February 2014.  There are 11 of us on the admin team now.  And just shy of 1,600 members.  We are currently (and temporarily) closed to new members whilst we all draw breath!

There will be plenty of times on this blog when I talk about other mums’ experiences and my take on the challenges of modern parenting.  More often than not I will be drawing on the experiences of over a thousand women who have been kind enough to join me on social media as I navigate the ups and downs of motherhood.  I love them all.

So don’t let on that I told you about them!

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