My Unplanned Homebirth

It is always a pleasure to share birth stories, and I am privileged to be able to tell you about Anika’s recent experience here.  If you are interested in homebirth (of the planned variety!) please take a look at



Well it all started with contractions on Friday morning at 7am. Myself hubby and our little boy went out into town in the morning as I wanted to keep busy, then my parents arrived in the evening so they would be there to look after our little boy. At around 1.30am I went into hospital to be checked but was only 1 cm and got sent home. I had my tens machine on and watched some TV then at 5 ish I went back into hospital as the pain was getting a lot worse. I got examined and was 1cm still so got sent home after being given oramorph and told to have a bath. I did this when I got home and listened to my hypnobirthing.

Didn’t like being in the bath as it wasn’t helping with the pain so I got out and got my tens machine back on. By this point my little boy was awake so hubby took him downstairs with my dad, and my mum stayed upstairs with me rubbing my back and encouraging me to breath properly. I must have been in bed for about 2 and half hours with my mum next to me timing my contractions.  Hubby kept popping up seeing if all ok, at one point he arrived wearing me little boy’s cowboy hat, and doctor’s kit with our son’s toy horse between his legs saying he was doing his doctors rounds! Apparently he got the look from me as I was mid contraction but my mum found it hilarious. He has to be silly when he’s not sure what to do!

At about 9.30/ 9.45 my mum asked me when I thought we should ring hospital as they were getting closer and longer and my reply was “I can’t be arsed to get up, get in the car for 20 mins, walk all the way to the ward to be examined and be sent home again!” (I didn’t dilate with my 1st until on a drip so was convinced I’d still be 1cm.) Then about 15 mins later I told my mum after my next contraction I needed a wee. So I got up, headed to the loo, had a horrendous contraction on the loo and a sudden need to push! I honestly thought I needed a poop as I had so much pressure in my bottom!

I soon realised nothing was coming out that end and could feel something coming out from you know where! I shouted for my mum and told her to get her hand down there to which she said there is something coming out (it was baby’s sack she could see). She shouted for hubby to ring an ambulance and get upstairs. They advised on the phone to get me off the loo and onto the bed if possible which I did.  The 1st response lady arrived quickly and gave me gas and air and called for a back up crew and midwife. Got told midwife would be an hour. I had to push though so with my mum and paramedic down that end and hubby holding my hand I delivered baby in about 5/10 mins with about 4/5 pushes. Out he popped then the rest of the crew arrived shortly followed by the midwife.

Our son was downstairs with my dad and I was having tea and toast in my bed about an hour later. Strangely it wasn’t the dramatic, scary entrance everyone thought as myself, mum and hubby were pretty calm the whole time!

Anika, 2016.


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